Hair Transplantation in Turkey for African-Americans

Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Doctors must pay special attention to the hair of African-American hair transplant recipients because their hair is thicker and curlier. African-Americans mostly have hairstyles 4a, 4b, and 4c. The majority of people agree afro-textured hair cannot be transplanted. This is one of the afro hair transplant theories. People of African descent may also have a successful hair transplant operation. Their dense, curly hair gives them an advantage when it comes to adding density to their hair. As a result, fewer grafts are needed to cover the bald areas during implanting.

To avoid hair transplant infection in black hair restoration, extra care must be taken while extracting and implanting grafts. Ethnic hair transplant procedures necessitate a unique procedure. The cost of an african hair transplant is less in Turkey. Furthermore, Turkey has much higher expectations in terms of consistency and treatment. Turkey’s modern healthcare facilities and medical training are to blame for this.

While there are some difficulties in performing hair transplantation on African-textured hair, there are also several benefits.

  • The curliness of the new hair growth will be determined by the implanting angle during the hair transplant process. Each graft must be precisely inserted to fit the existing hair type and hair line.
  • Since African-type hair is more delicate than other hair styles, it necessitates more treatment. This is due to the fact that roots are more easily affected.
  • Because african hair is thicker and curlier, each grafted hair follicle provides a denser appearance than straight hair. In other words, a curly hair transplant will provide you with superior coverage.


Many of the methods used for other treatments are often used for any operation involving afro hairstyles. Afro hair follicles usually take up more room inside the scalp than other hair styles, necessitating wider incisions to remove each graft precisely. As a result, depending on the number of grafts required and the condition of the patient’s scalp, the popular FUE hair transplant method may be ineffective.

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